Version 1.3.6 (3rd January 2012)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2012-01-04 12:59
  • Compatibility: removed the Mac unified title & toolbar, as it causes problems in Cocoa (a Qt bug that also appears in Designer)
  • UI Improvement: moved the "Copy URL" button from the status bar into the side widget, to reduce size of the status bar (esp. on the Mac)
  • Bug fix: Removed code that links against Carbon (that finds the Mac bundle directory) and replaced it with Qt code
  • Bug fix: No longer splits the main from the extended entry when using Wordpress (as it was causing first two paragraphs to be joined, even if they were split when the entry was written).
  • UI Improvement: reduced the size of the margins around some of the controls on the side panel
  • UI Improvement: move the "copy URL" button and upload progress bar to the side panel