Version 1.3.11 (11th October 2012)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2012-10-11 23:22
  • Bug fix: About doesn't disappear when closing all windows on Mac (this is because the same menu bar is used for all windows on the Mac)
  • Bug fix: Adds in newlines appropriately when pasting as Markdown block quote
  • Bug fix: Shell syntax error in desktop spec generator script
  • Bug fix: Removed some unused variables that caused compiler warnings
  • Bug fix: Better positioning when opening a new window from the system tray icon or Mac dock icon
  • UI improvement: Now possible to get out of Console by pressing Escape, as with the entry preview
  • UI improvement: Ctrl+W now closes a window (#W on Mac)
  • UI improvement: Shortcuts that used to add and remove Technorati tags re-assigned to the more commonly used Wordpress-style tags
  • UI improvement: Ctrl+Z shortcut for Undo, Shift+Ctrl+Z for Redo, as is normal in GUI editing apps