About QuickPost

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Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-01-14 23:12

QuickPost is a feature adopted from the web interfaces of certain well-known blogging systems. It allows you to quickly start off blog entries by copying text from the clipboard, or by selecting an URL and letting QTM fetch its title.

QuickPost is invoked when you either double-click the system tray icon (STI) or click it with the middle mouse button (on classic Unix systems). You can configure the double-click behaviour in the preferences window; by default, it produces a blank new entry.

First of all, select the text or location you wish to post, then cut or copy it using the Edit menu of the application. Then use the right mouse button to bring up the STI menu, and select Quick Post from the menu. Alternatively, if you have configured the icon to quickpost when double-clicked, then you can double-click it.

QTM will then check to see if you have chosen an URL or just text. If it is an URL, the document will be fetched from the internet and the title extracted. QTM will then open a new window, with a hyperlink to the selected document, with the title, as the content of the entry.

If you are using X11 (the windowing system used on Unix-type operating systems other than Mac OS X), you can also use the middle-mouse button to copy a mouse selection to a new entry, as you can copy it between two documents. To do this, just select the text with the left mouse button, as you normally do, and then click the QTM icon with the middle-mouse button (this normally means pressing the wheel down) which is normally used for pasting the text. QTM will then produce a new entry based on it, as it would when you double-clicked or selected QuickPost from the icon's menu.

This feature was introduced in version 0.4 and is supported by Qt v4.2.0 or later (Qt 4.1 did not offer the system-tray icon). If you are using a browser like Konqueror which does not support the JavaScript-based QuickPost features provided by your blogging software, you may find this feature very useful indeed.