Version 1.3.19 (12th June 2017)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2017-06-12 12:15
  • Improvement: Support for Retina displays on Mac OS and icon scaling (usually not necessary) on high-DPI displays on X11
  • Improvement: Changes to preferences take effect in all windows immediately, rather than just the one from which it was called
  • New feature: Possible to add a link when inserting an image into an entry.
  • Removed: Technorati tag support (as the service ended years ago)
  • Improvement: Always opens existing entries in the same window if it's empty, regardless of "Open entries in new windows" setting
  • Bug fix: Under-hood changes to the "open recent" menus in the menu bar and system tray icon, to get around a bug in Qt: