Version 0.7.1 (3rd January 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2009-01-03 19:17
  • New feature: Ability to set background and text colours in the editor, preview and console (requires Qt 4.2 at present)
  • Improvement: Auto-sets local storage directory if there isn't one
  • Improvement: Runs the prefs then the accounts for a first-time user if they click "Yes" in the start-up dialog (and displays "Stage [1/2] of 2" on the dialog titles)
  • Improvement: When the category selectors are displayed, searches for categories if there are already none
  • Improvement: Sets the status to "dirty" when changing the blogs or categories only if there is text in the main entry widget
  • Improvement: Removed redundant EditingWindow constructor
  • Improvement: Prepends / to the location field, as webservers require full paths (e.g. /mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi or /xmlrpc.php, NOT just xmlrpc.php)
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash which occurred in the accounts dialog after a new account was deleted and it was the only account
  • Bug fix: Corrects start-up behaviour for new users, i.e. stops prompting them for prefs even after they have specified their preferences
  • Bug fix: Now auto-refreshes blog list after using accounts dialog when there is only one account
  • Bug fix: Failed to store auto-filled server and location details (esp. on sites)