Version 0.7 (24th October 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2008-10-25 04:38
  • New feature: Multiple accounts, with new account helper
  • New feature: Ability to "export" entries (i.e. save in 0.6.x style), rather than saving to an account from the database (since beta)
  • User interface: Preview and Console menu entries changed to "Exit preview/console" when activated, and changed back when deactivated
  • User interface: Number of secondary categories displayed in brackets in the "Others" heading
  • Build system: Use of buggy QPlainTextEdit widget suppressed by default
  • Build system: D-Bus and system tray icon (for quickpost) enabled by default whenever they are available
  • Bug fix: Eliminated the "deprecated type conversion" compiler warnings produced by including some of the XPM files
  • Bug fix: Ampersands encoded to display correctly in the Recent Files menu
  • Bug fix: Tenth entry in Recent Files has hotkey 0, not 1 as in previous versions