Version 0.6.3 (8th June 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2008-06-08 19:31
  • New feature: recent files menu in both the system tray icon and each window
  • New feature: two new D-Bus signals, quickpostTemplatesUpdated and quickpostTemplateTitlesUpdated
  • Bug fix: use double newlines when pasting text as Blockquotes
  • Bug fix: strips out extra newlines when pasting text as lists
  • Bug fix: proportions of the two sides of the quickpost template dialog set correctly
  • Build system: now use a CMake configure_file command to generate qtm_version.h (had not been generating properly on Mac for some reason)
  • Build system: now uses full paths for all generated files, to facilitate out-of-source builds
  • Build system: all generated files included in "make clean" list
  • Also, the files account_form.ui and account_form41.ui have been renamed PrefsForm.ui and PrefsForm41.ui, in preparation for separating the accounts and preferences dialogs in 0.7