Version 0.6.1 (14th May 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2008-05-14 12:40
  • New feature: now includes user agent string when making HTTP requests, so that QTM shows up in web server statistics
  • Improvement: now uses a QPlainTextEdit on Qt 4.4, rather than the heavier old QTextEdit, as console and editor widgets
  • Search widget: can now interact with a QPlainTextEdit as well as an old QTextEdit
  • Build system: building universal binaries no longer the default as it is really only necessary for distributors, not end users building from source
  • Build system: version number now inserted into the program dynamically, using a define in a header built by a shell script/batch file
  • Bug fix: stopped loading of system-try icon image on the Mac, where it is not displayed