Version 0.6 (23rd April 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2008-04-23 00:49

(Note: this includes changes which appeared in the beta)

  • New feature: QTM now saves blog and category lists in an XML file from session to session, saving the delay of fetching them several times in a session
  • Installer: New Windows installer
  • New feature: Opening files by specifying them on the command-line when starting QTM
  • New feature: Ability to quickpost articles downloaded through HTTPS as well as HTTP (requires Qt 4.3, doesn't work on Windows, at least not out of the box)
  • Compatibility: Removed regex searching on Qt 4.1, because that version of Qt doesn't support searching a text document (QTextDocument) using regular expressions
  • User interface: New yellow system-tray icon displayed while quickpost is in progress (Windows only)
  • User interface: Now displays busy cursors when posting blog entries or refreshing blog or category lists
  • Improvement: When setting the title of a new quickpost article, sets the window title to it as well
  • Bug fix: Now displays categories in proper alphabetical order, with shorter entries (e.g. KDE) appearing before longer ones (e.g. KDE Apps)
  • Bug fix: Now checks for and, if necessary, creates the local storage directory before writing the templates file