Version 0.5.7 (7th Feb 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2008-02-08 00:07
  • New feature: "Copy title", allowing the user to automatically name an entry after the online resource it is based on when quickposting
  • Improvement: now sorts the categories alphabetically, rather than in the apparent non-order in which they have previously appeared
  • Improvement: unedited, fresh Quickposts are no longer "dirty", i.e. if user tries to close the window, if will not prompt him to save
  • Removed: accept and reset buttons in the Quickpost Template configuration dialog; a new template is now "accepted" if any details are entered, while reset had intractable bugs and can be achieved in any case by cancelling and reopening the dialog
  • User interface: added What's This help to the preference item "Save passwords with entries"