Version 0.5.3 (18th June 2007)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2007-06-18 21:29
  • Removed feature: Blogger support. Blogger no longer supports the APIs that QTM uses.
  • New feature: Abort, which stops the current network job (refresh blog or category list, blog entry posting or whatever)
  • New features: New variants on Paste: paste as ordered/unordered list, marked paragraphs (with tags), normal blockquotes and Markdown blockquotes, and ability to mark up a block as an ordered or unordered list.
  • New feature: Ability to set whether to submit a date and time or not at posting time, to avoid clock skews (problem on Wordpress and Textpattern, not on MT).
  • New feature: Ability to set the post's remote categories explicitly, through action "Send categories" in File menu
  • Build system: Fixed relinking issue at install time, in which (on sandboxed installs of Qt 4.3.0) the executable was relinked to the normal install of Qt, even if it was older than 4.3 (causing unresolved symbol errors).
  • Bug fix: now saves entry numbers when saving entries, so that you can reopen a posted entry and have QTM post an edit, rather than a new post.
  • User interface: removed (from view) the unused actions, Print and "Close and delete".