Version 0.3.10 (12th Dec 2006)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2007-01-01 01:49

Bug fix: the warning message which was being displayed while requesting missing passwords for entries loaded from files is now gone. Build system: the useSTI.h header file is gone; to compile with the system tray icon (recommended on KDE/GNOME, absolutely not on Mac OS X), configure as follows: cmake -D USE_STI:BOOL=TRUE . (the dot is necessary and represents the current directory). Otherwise, cmake . as before (then make, in both cases). Mac OS X disk image: Qt version updated to 4.2.2 (requires Panther or Tiger). Feature: QTM can now post to Blogger blogs (however, the posts have to be displayed from within the Blogger web interface; this is a problem at Blogger's end and affects other similar applications). Feature: Added system tray icon which can presently start a new entry, open a saved one and quit the application. This is supported by Qt 4.2 only and can be activated, or de-activated, by editing the file useSTI.h. Not recommended for use on Windows and Mac OS X. GUI: Fonts for editing, previewing and the console now set using Qt 4.2 font combos when built on a system with Qt 4.2. Feature/GUI:Now possible to set the console font (from the Edit menu on Qt 4.1, from the prefs dialog on 4.2) Redesigned the preferences dialog on 4.2 (the old one, albeit with new options, is present on 4.1) Feature: User can now set whether to allow comments and TBs by default in the prefs window Bug fix: fixed crash when occurred when the program attempted to access non-existent web servers or services.