How do I set up a blog?

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2006-12-31 22:40

Setting up a blog is easy: all you need to do is go to a public blog host, such as Blogger or If you want more flexibility but still want the technical details taken care of, you might try TypePad, a paid service similar to Movable Type, run by the company which produces Movable Type, or SquareSpace.

Alternatively, you can rent out web space and run your own blogging software. You can get some recommendations on web hosts from the Wordpress homepage or Learning Movable Type. My own host is Total Choice Hosting, which I found through the latter of those two. Popular blogging software includes Wordpress and Movable Type; the latter being commercial (though there is an unsupported free download) and more complex (but in some ways more flexible) than the former. Other software often used for blogs includes Textpattern, Serendipity and Drupal, used to run this site.

You will also need a database, and most blogging software requires MySQL to store your entries and settings. You need to ensure, then, that your host offers MySQL. Most do nowadays, as blogging has become popular, as has blogging software that requires MySQL.