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Version (24th Feb 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2008-02-24 13:18
  • Bug fix: Sorts categories in the selectors in proper alphabetical order, rather than with uppercase first as before
  • User interface improvement: When a new window is displayed, the keyboard focus goes to the title entry box
  • Build system: Allowed out-of-source builds, such as using a "build" subdirectory (patch by Patryk Cisek)

Version (18th Feb 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2008-02-18 21:55
  • Bug fix: A bug in the search bar API, which meant that when the expert search capability was disabled, the function was not turned off; instead, the "Expert search" check-box was hidden, leaving expert search on with no means for the user to turn it off.

Version 0.5.8 (15th Feburary 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2008-02-16 00:41
  • New feature: A search bar, similar to that in Firefox (but actually largely derived from Qt Assistant), which also supports regular expression searching
  • Bug fix: When loading entries from files, now displays the blog name in the selector rather than its ID.

Version (10th Feb 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2008-02-10 20:40
  • New feature: Copy title extended to allow non-template quickposts to use this feature (set in general preferences). In addition, if this is set, it becomes the default for the Copy Title option in new QP templates (and the reverse if it is not).
  • Unix: Now includes manpage (rudimentary, to satisfy Debian packaging guidelines).

Version 0.5.7 (7th Feb 2008)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2008-02-08 00:07
  • New feature: "Copy title", allowing the user to automatically name an entry after the online resource it is based on when quickposting
  • Improvement: now sorts the categories alphabetically, rather than in the apparent non-order in which they have previously appeared
  • Improvement: unedited, fresh Quickposts are no longer "dirty", i.e. if user tries to close the window, if will not prompt him to save
  • Removed: accept and reset buttons in the Quickpost Template configuration dialog; a new template is now "accepted" if any details are entered, while reset had intractable bugs and can be achieved in any case by cancelling and reopening the dialog
  • User interface: added What's This help to the preference item "Save passwords with entries"

Version (21st October 2007)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-10-21 00:54
  • Bug fix: Bug affecting the associated host system introduced in version 0.5.6, causing the wrong template to be triggered, fixed.

Version 0.5.6 (20th October 2007)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-10-20 12:32
  • New feature: "associated hosts" in quickpost templates. The user can specify a number of hosts in a template, and when he then quickposts an article with that hostname in the URL, that template will be used.
  • Improvement: two new template tags: %host% (which is just the hostname of a page being blogged) and %domain% (which is %host% without the www.).
  • Bug fix: fixed crashes when shutting the quickpost template config window when there are no templates.
  • Build system: no longer relinks when you install, unless the QDEBUG option is enabled (at the CMake command line).

Version 0.5.5 (6th October 2007)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-10-06 16:45
  • Bug fix: restored compatibility with Qt 4.1 (v0.5.4 had required Qt 4.3, due to my using Qt Designer 4.3 for designing some widgets)
  • User interface: Added application icons for menus and the Mac OS X dock
  • Build system: now uses shell script to generate the X11 desktop entry file at build time, so that it specifies where exactly the executable and icons are.

Version 0.5.4 (final) (25th August 2007)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-08-25 20:12
  • Security: no longer outputs passwords to the console when displaying XML-RPC listings
  • New feature: now stores titles and targets for auto links
  • New feature: ability to clear the console
  • Improvement: now does base 64 conversions (for file uploads) internally, with progress dialog, rather than the old method of using Qt's built-in converter which blocked the GUI.
  • Bug fix: no longer outputs entire encoded file to console when uploading a file (caused crash)
  • Bug fix: now detects faults in file upload responses accurately and displays "406" errors on console as HTML code, not as "displayed" HTML

Version 0.5.4-beta2 (1st July 2007)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-07-01 20:57
  • New feature: Auto link. This enables the author to select a given word or phrase in the text, and link it to a pre-set internet location.