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Version 1.2 (3rd August 2010)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2010-08-04 15:30
  • New feature: Posting of entries using HTTPS
  • New feature: Ability to fetch existing tags on a Wordpress blog
  • Bug fix: blogid is now always a string, as per the standard metaWeblog API (SF bug 2846390)
  • Bug fix: was including newlines in category IDs, causing failures (SF bug 2846454)
  • Bug fix: Checkbox values in new accounts wouldn't take
  • Bug fix: Values written automatically when selecting a self-hosted blog type might not have taken
  • Bug fix: Port settings now honoured
  • Bug fix: Now only submits date and time when posting an edit when the relevant option is enabled (this had been causing posts to de-publish as a result of wrong times being sent)

Version 1.1.1 (3rd July 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2009-07-03 09:18
  • Licensing: Appropriate licence headers added to both of the search widget's source files.

Version 1.1 (26th June 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2009-06-26 10:47
  • New feature: Ability to create categories (in Wordpress blogs only)
  • New feature: Decodes XML entities such as & in category, blog and account names
  • Improvement: Will now run Markdown from the Markdown subdirectory of the source bundle, whether QTM is built in-source or in a 'build' directory
  • Bug fix: Now includes [*] placeholder whenever setting the main window title (to stop console warnings when "setWindowModified" is called)
  • Bug fix: "Allow trackbacks" setting in accounts form wouldn't keep on second account down.

Version 1.0 (14th June 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2009-06-14 19:25
  • New feature: Support for Wordpress-style tags
  • User interface: Pressing Esc closes the search widget
  • User interface: Progress bar, which monitors progress of posting operations (only, at the moment)
  • New feature: Save all
  • Build system: New "confclean" target
  • Mac: System tray icon object no longer uses the Qt STI class, as it is not actually a system tray icon but uses the dock icon
  • Bug fix: About box didn't display version number when invoked from the Mac supermenu
  • Bug fix: In Tidy Paste, replace single newlines with single spaces rather than just removing them
  • Bug fix: Now fetches the first blog's categories when switching accounts
  • Bug fix: Now fetches account attributes (allow comments, etc) when starting up (may have fixed bug where categories were not posted)
  • Bug fix: Now sets allow comments/trackback boxes in side widget according to preferences
  • Bug fix: Changed the shortcuts in the Insert menu to mak
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Version (25th April 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2009-04-25 22:07
  • Bug fix: Removed ampersands from commands in the desktop entry spec files, and stopped attempts to open filenames consisting solely of an ampersand

Version 0.7.4 (28th Feb 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2009-02-28 20:32
  • New feature: Tidy paste, which tidies up multiple spaces (by reducing them to one) and single newlines in paragraphs (by removing them). Both of these are common in PDFs and probably other document formats. (HTML itself ignores both, but most content management systems don't.)

Version (12th February 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2009-02-12 21:45
  • Bug fix: Sets the default Perl location to the ActivePerl standard install path on Windows, rather than /usr/bin/perl
  • Bug fix: Corrected enforcement of UTF-8 encoding for Markdown, so that it doesn't come out with weird characters instead of apostrophes or UK pound signs
  • Bug fix: Disabled "strip paragraph tags" as this feature clashes with some multi-paragraph tags such as "blockquote"
  • Bug fix: Correctly set the default Markdown script location when installing it to a "share" location (

Version 0.7.3 (24th Jan 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2009-01-24 20:45
  • New feature: Markdown support extended so that Markdown processing can be done before posting a new or edited entry.

Version 0.7.2 (20th January 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Tue, 2009-01-20 23:47
  • New feature; Markdown support. This relies on an external Perl script, which can be installed along with QTM or not (some distributions provide it).

Version (8th January 2009)

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2009-01-08 20:06
  • Compatibility: Restored Qt 4.1 compatibility by eliminating references to widgets which are absent when that version is used, and by correcting bugs in compile-time isolators and removing redundant ones.

Note: Version was an earlier attempt to restore Qt 4.1 compatibility; it appeared briefly on Launchpad but would not compile.