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Mac OS X delays

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Tue, 2011-12-27 01:13

Well, by today I had hoped to be able to release a Mac OS X release of QTM. It's been a few years and several releases, but sadly I had to retire my old Mac and Nokia decided to migrate Qt to Cocoa (the Objective-C interface to Mac OS X, as opposed to the C-based Carbon that had been used before), sacrificing compatibility with PowerPC and older versions of Mac OS X in the process. I now have a new Mac mini, and have compiled a copy of QTM using a newer version of Qt.Read more »

Progress on version 0.6

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2008-03-21 01:49

Having taken a break from QTM development for a couple of weeks, I decided to get back to working on the "trunk" rather than on the 0.5 branch. Basically "trunk" is supposedly the main development base, while branches are generally used for finessing individual release versions; however, last Spring I decided the next big feature would be persistence in blog and category names, to save on the persistent reloading of categories, in particular, every time the user starts QTM, or changes which blog he wants to post to. QTM then saves it all in a big XML file. However, I got bogged down in adding features to version 0.5, so I've had to add the new features in trunk into the source files from version 0.5.8, which I released last month.Read more »

Where have I been?

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2007-08-22 11:50

Basically I've been at work the past couple of months since implementing the file upload feature. My intention was to write my own Base64 conversion routine, which would have been better for large files, so it could keep a progress bar updated and avoid hanging the user interface while converting, as Qt's own conversion method does. That turned out to be more complex than I thought it would be.

However, last week that job ended, so now I'm free to work on QTM once again. This morning I've been working on improving the auto link feature, so that it saves titles and targets for the links as well as the locations. I should be able to get that out in the next couple of days, I hope. I think I will release version 0.5.4 with the upload feature "as is", and sort out the GUI blocking problem for the next release.Read more »

Progress report

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2007-03-01 19:31

I have not put out a fresh QTM release in quite a few weeks now, but the good news is that I hope to put one out fairly shortly. The new feature this time round is Quickpost templates which, as far as I know, no other desktop blogging application and no blogware web interface has. So, it'll be a first for QTM I hope, unless someone beats me to it in the time it takes me to get it out. The reason for the lack of progress in January was that I had a full-time job, which ended in early February. So I've been able to work - on and off - this past month, and the code to actually process the new-style quickposts is almost complete. The only bit to do after that is the bit allowing the user to manage the templates and save them to disk.Read more »