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Version 0.5.2 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2007-05-21 01:13

Finally, after several false starts, version 0.5.2 has been released. The biggest new feature here is Drupal compatibility.

Of course, the documentation always said that QTM supported Drupal. However, that was just assumed, because Drupal uses the same APIs (XML-RPC) as Movable Type and Wordpress. However, it uses them in different ways, for example, using the capability of hosting different blogs under one account to handle its own different content types: pages, stories, blog entries and so on. It also used strings to identify things for which MT uses numbers. So, I was posting a word as an "int", which obviously caused errors. And so on.Read more »

Bug fix: version released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2007-05-07 18:00

I have just put out a new bug-fix release, version more »

QTM v0.5.1 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-05-06 23:59

I've just released version 0.5.1 of QTM. There are a few new features this time round, and some user interface improvements:Read more »

  • User interface: the system-tray icon no longer displays on the Mac. Instead, the same menu is displayed by double-clicking on the dock icon. A bare-bones default main menu, with New, Open and Quit functions (the latter displayed in the dock and application menus), appears when there is no top-level window present on the Mac (only on Qt 4.2; this may change in future releases).
  • User interface: the Abort Quick Post action in the STI menu appears (albeit greyed out) even when it is disabled; this is to get round a bug in Qt on the Mac

Minor update:

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2007-04-12 13:27

I have put out a minor bug-fix version of QTM. Version fixes two issues:Read more »

  • I have stopped using the macro QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT, which suppresses console output from Qt's qDebug command; I had been using it to suppress my own debug output also. This was preventing compiling on Debian Etch, which uses Qt 4.2.1 which fails to compile with this define; this was a Qt bug which was fixed in Qt 4.2.2. This bug has been reported to Debian.
  • I have added a duplicate of the file CatkinMainWindow.ui, called CatkinMainWindow41.ui, which removes 4.2-specific lines (which, in any case, only count on the Mac). This means that the same source bundle can be used on systems which still have Qt 4.1, such as SUSE Linux v10.1 and Ubuntu Dapper.

QTM v0.5 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-03-25 23:55

I've finally released version 0.5 of QTM. The biggest new feature, if you have used version 0.4 but not the beta or the release candidate, is Quickpost templates, which allow you to lay out a "form" post to use again and again, copying the relevant details (at the moment, the title and URL) automatically as and when you find material to post. I've also cleared up a lot of the bugs which were stopping the Quit action working (actually, I suspect that they are Qt bugs, as the situation was different on each platform). Now, if you select Quit from the system-tray icon menu, the Mac application menu or the File menu, it really does quit (as long as you've not got unsaved changes, of course). I've also removed references to the application's old name, Catkin QTM. While "catkin" remains the Sourceforge project ID, which cannot change, the app itself is now plain QTM.Read more »

Version 0.5: release candidate

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Tue, 2007-03-20 00:15

I've put out a release candidate. Mac users will notice that the Quit action now actually works, whether selected from the system-tray icon or from the main QTM menu. I've added a few keyboard shortcuts (for the New, Open, Save and Preferences items in the File menu), removed the last references to Catkin QTM, and made sure that the console debug output (noticeable on Unix) is suppressed. I'm not sure if anything much will change before the final release; I intend to do quite a bit of testing over the next week or so just to check that the new features, especially, work as they are meant to.Read more »

Version 0.5: first beta released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-03-10 23:11

A first beta of version 0.5 has been released. This contains two new features:

(a) the ability to do QuickPosts based on custom templates. At present, this offers two place-holders, for the URL of the blogged article and for its title; more may be added in the future. So a post will be prepared with these two items where you want them (or not there, if you so specify) which you can edit as you wish, and then post (b) the ability to specify trackback pings, via a new page on the left sidebar. This, of course, only works if your blogging engine supports it, as MT does.

And there are two bug fixes:Read more »

Version 0.4.0 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-01-14 22:16

Version 0.4 of QTM has been released - earlier than I'd expected and with a different new feature to the one I'd planned: namely, QuickPost.

QuickPost enables you to post a new entry based on material copied from the clipboard or the X11 mouse selection. To copy from the clipboard, you need to select the material, which may be a web location or a block of text, and then activate the system-tray icon by either double-clicking it (if you are using text transferred to the clipboard using Cut or Copy) or clicking it once with the middle mouse button (often the mouse wheel) if you are simply using the X11 mouse selection. If the item is text, it will simply make a new entry out of it, to which you can add or change what you like. If it's an URL, QTM will fetch the web page and extract its title. There is also a new icon, which I designed for one of the binary releases of the last version to get round a transparency issue; it's now standard on all X11 platforms.Read more »

Version 0.3.10 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2006-12-09 21:40

I have just released the source for version 0.3.10 of QTM - downloadable at KDE Apps and SourceForge as usual; binaries can also be had at SourceForge (see links right). For changes since version, see the changelog.

I consider this to be a stable release; focus for development is now shifting onto version 0.4, which I intend will have multiple user accounts besides the one which is accessible now. When this will come out, I don't know.Read more »