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QTM now available in online repositories

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2008-04-26 23:40

While the release of most of the new packages is being held up by the problems with the SourceForge file release system (a bug report has been filed, but it's gone quiet the last few days), I have got my Ubuntu package repository up and running. It now contains packages of QTM for the i386, AMD64 and LPIA architectures (the last being a low-power Intel chip used for mobile devices) but not for PowerPC, support for which on Ubuntu stopped a couple of years ago.

You will need to add this line to your APT sources file (/etc/apt/sources.list):

deb hardy main

This can be done by manually editing the file or in Synaptic (Settings menu > Repositories > Third Party Software; click Reload after you close the Repositories box). I have a package for Gutsy as well that I built myself, but its release will have to wait until SourceForge is back up.Read more »

QTM v0.6 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2008-04-23 00:43

I've just put out version 0.6 of QTM. This has two serious new features since the 0.5 series, and a number of bug fixes and improvements:

The biggest new feature is "persistency", which means that your blog and category lists will be stored in memory during a session and on disk between sessions, so they will not have to reload every time you change blogs or start a new session. The exception is when you load a saved entry for a different account; then, it will only save when you ask it to (to avoid wiping everything).

There is also now a Windows installer (tested on XP and Vista), and QTM can now quickpost articles which are accessed with the HTTPS protocol (this requires Qt 4.3 and at present does not work on Windows). See the Changelog for the full details.Read more »

QTM 0.6: beta release

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2008-04-06 20:24

I've just released a first beta of version 0.6 of QTM. I actually think the version is almost ready for release, but not having given it much testing, other than with a few problems I knew were there, and one or two I didn't until I tried to post an entry, I can't say it's all fixed. So, here is a beta.

New features include persistency, which means your categories will be stored in an XML file (and in memory) until you next refresh them, or change your account. That means no constantly having to get the lists every time you start QTM, or open a new window, or change the blog selector. One exception: when you load an entry from disk, it does not save the category lists unless you tell it to, to stop it over-writing your normal account. This structure also makes it easier for me to write the multiple account feature, when I write it!Read more »

Progress on version 0.6

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2008-03-21 01:49

Having taken a break from QTM development for a couple of weeks, I decided to get back to working on the "trunk" rather than on the 0.5 branch. Basically "trunk" is supposedly the main development base, while branches are generally used for finessing individual release versions; however, last Spring I decided the next big feature would be persistence in blog and category names, to save on the persistent reloading of categories, in particular, every time the user starts QTM, or changes which blog he wants to post to. QTM then saves it all in a big XML file. However, I got bogged down in adding features to version 0.5, so I've had to add the new features in trunk into the source files from version 0.5.8, which I released last month.Read more »

Version 0.5.8 updated again

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2008-02-24 13:12

I've just made yet another update to version 0.5.8. This contains one bug fix (sorting categories in proper alphabetical order, rather than prioritising uppercase entries as before), a change to the build system which allows out-of-source builds, which some CMake users like (thanks to a patch by Patryk Cisek). Downloads from the right side-bar, as always.

Version 0.5.8 updated

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2008-02-18 21:52

I've had to update version 0.5.8, as I discovered a bug in the search bar, which did not actually turn off expert (i.e. regular expression) searching when you turned off the feature in Preferences - it simply hid the checkbox instead, leaving the user with expert mode on and no means of turning it off. I have also published the search bar API.

Downloads of QTM v0.5.8.1 from the box on the right, as ever.

Version 0.5.8 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2008-02-16 00:55

Less than a week after the last release, I've put out yet another - version 0.5.8, this time featuring the "Foxhound" search bar, similar to the one in Firefox which pops up at the bottom of the window and doesn't obstruct the view of the text. Unlike the Firefox search bar (well, as far as I know), you can also use regular expressions (but you have to turn this on in Preferences). It's taken me quite long but last week I suddenly realised that QTM didn't have Find. Now it does. It still doesn't have Replace ... but maybe in another few weeks.

I had to get this out quick because there is a bug fix in it. The bug affected loading articles from disk, and led to the blog IDs being displayed in the blog selector (as in blogid:2) rather than the blogs' names. This was a "cosmetic" bug as it still displayed the correct blog ID, but it still wasn't supposed to.Read more »

Version 0.5.7 released (updated to

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Fri, 2008-02-08 00:02

I've just released version 0.5.7, more than three months after putting out the last. This is mainly because I was working long hours for much of that time, so had little time (and more to the point, energy) to work on QTM. This release has one important new feature, namely the ability to name an entry composed with Quickpost after the article it's based on; this is done by selecting "Copy title" when composing a template. The template configuration window now works more consistently, with the Accept button removed (any changes you make to a template are now accepted there and then) along with Reset (because it had intractable bugs and the same result can be achieved by closing and re-opening the window).

Update 10th Feb: I have now released a new version, version, which adds a rudimentary manpage (to satisfy Debian packaging requirements) and extends "Copy title" to all quickposts, not just templated ones as in the old 0.5.7.Read more »

Version 0.5.6 released (updated to

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-10-20 12:27

I've just released version 0.5.6 of QTM. This version features fixes to crash bugs affecting the Quickpost Templates dialog, two new template tags (%host% and %domain%, the first being the hostname of the article being posted, the other being the same without the www bit), and the ability to "associate" certain hosts with certain templates, so that if you Quickpost any article from that host, QTM will use that template.

Update: I've had to post an updated version, with a serious bug fixed, namely one that caused the first template with no associated hosts to be triggered sometimes when quickposting. This has now been fixed by ensuring that no empty entries for associated hosts can find their way into the database, and will be ignored if the system finds them when quickposting. Source and a SUSE 10.3 binary are available now; I should post an Ubuntu Gutsy and Mac OS X binary later today.

Version 0.5.5 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-10-06 16:44

Over the past couple of months since version 0.5.4 was released, I've been busy working on new features for QTM. However, I discovered that version 0.5.4 broke compatibility with versions of Qt earlier than v4.3, because of my using Qt Designer v4.3 to lay out widgets. An interim release was therefore needed to restore this.

Also, I've included a couple of icons, on the usual "green send button" theme, for the application menus and Mac OS X dock, and a script to generate the desktop entry file, because it needs to specify where the program and the icons are installed (i.e. whether /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin or somewhere else).Read more »