Version 1.3.19 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2017-06-12 12:22

Just put out a new release of QTM. This is the first release with major changes for about three years; no new features as such, but a few major fixes and improvements. For Mac users, the app now supports Retina displays (i.e. will appear smooth, not pixellated as it did before.) The app now applies preferences immediately across the app, rather than just in the present window and new ones. It is possible to add a link when inserting an image. Technorati tag support has also been removed, as the service was ended some years ago.

Source downloads and a disc image for MacOS are available from Bitbucket, using the first two links in the "Downloads" box which should be to the right of this text. Binary downloads for OpenSUSE and Fedora have already built at OpenSUSE Build Service, and you can add these to your repositories list (see the relevant section in "Using QTM") and downloads for Ubuntu are now available through my Launchpad package archive. (Unfortunately, I can no longer build Windows binaries as I do not have access to a Windows machine.)