Version 1.3.16 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2014-02-22 12:48

I've just released version 1.3.16 and this builds on the major changes of the last release, namely enabling the use of the Wordpress API to post entries on blogs that support it. This time, the major change is the ability to schedule entries and to post with Pending and Private status.

Also, I have included a workaround for a problem with the Twitter Tools and Social plugins which occurred when a post was published the first time it was posted to the server; what happened was that the entry was posted correctly but an error was returned rather than an entry number, so QTM could not post subsequent edits. This is resolved by embedding a hash code in the entry (in a comment at the end of the last paragraph, so it doesn't appear in the entry when it's viewed), and then retrieving the entry from the server if the error occurs. The hash code can be safely deleted, will not be included if you subsequently edit the post, and looks like this:

<!-- QTM hash: 140ce097d9e86b87e37edec0c277e0744e8a85b7 -->

The source can be downloaded from the "Downloads" box on the right, as can a disc image for Mac OS X and a Windows installer (both of which include the required Qt library files). Packages for Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora are available from repositories.