Version 1.3.6 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2012-01-04 13:00

I have released version 1.3.6 of QTM. The main features this time round are user interface adjustments relating to releasing it for the Mac, which has become possible for me again but was a bit more difficult than I had expected due to some bugs in Qt (which also affect Nokia's own development tools). Older versions had the new-style unified title and toolbar; that had to go so as to stop each new window being smaller than the last. I've also moved the upload progress bar, and a hidden button in the bottom status bar, into the side panel.

For everyone, it no longer splits the main and extended entries when using the Wordpress API, as this was causing problems on new versions of Wordpress. (The splitter is the "more" tag, which is part of the entry, unlike on MT where I used it simply to avoid having two editing windows for the main and extended entries.) The full changelog is here. Source code and Mac downloads are available via the side bar; binaries for Ubuntu, openSUSE and Fedora are available via the usual repositories.