Mac OS X delays

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Tue, 2011-12-27 01:13

Well, by today I had hoped to be able to release a Mac OS X release of QTM. It's been a few years and several releases, but sadly I had to retire my old Mac and Nokia decided to migrate Qt to Cocoa (the Objective-C interface to Mac OS X, as opposed to the C-based Carbon that had been used before), sacrificing compatibility with PowerPC and older versions of Mac OS X in the process. I now have a new Mac mini, and have compiled a copy of QTM using a newer version of Qt.

Unfortunately, the new version seems to be buggy, with it being impossible to keep the size of a main window consistent (it will always open a new window smaller than the last one, the difference being the height of the oversized status bar). I'm not sure if that's an issue that has crept into Qt with this latest version or with the move to Cocoa. I have filed a bug report with Nokia about the size issue and probably will file another regarding the oversized status bar. Until I hear back from them, or find some way around the problem, I won't be putting out a QTM package for the Mac.