QTM incompatible with Ubuntu Unity system tray

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Mon, 2011-04-25 17:50

Having recently installed the beta of Ubuntu's "natty" release on one of my computers, it has come to my attention that QTM is incompatible with the system tray in the Unity environment. Unity includes the system tray only for a few specific applications via a "white list", but adding QTM to the white list or changing the list to "all" does not make QTM work - the system tray does not appear.

This is, unfortunately, Canonical's way of trying to dictate how everyone else uses their system: they have decided that the system tray is incompatible with their user interface philosophy, and they want everyone to re-write their apps to use their notification system. The problem is that the system tray works as a means of running an app in the background with a menu available to open a window as and when needed. Mac OS X lets you run the system tray menu off the dock; Unity doesn't. They want you to use a whole new interface.

The only way round this, currently, is not to use Unity; this can be achieved by selecting "Ubuntu Classic" or "Ubuntu Classic (no effects)" from the log-in menu (you'll find it at the bottom of the screen after you select your user name and before you enter your password). At the time of writing, Ubuntu Classic doesn't work, so you are left with the no-effects version; although that may be fixed before the final release. The problem does not exist if you use the KDE or XFce environments; this is purely a problem that Ubuntu has introduced.