Version 0.7.2 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Wed, 2009-01-21 00:00
I have just released version 0.7.2 of QTM; this contains one new feature, namely Markdown support (changelog, for what it's worth, here). This uses an external process, and requires Perl to be present; the Markdown script itself can either be installed alongside QTM, or be sourced from the operating system's repositories, as is the case with Debian and Ubuntu. It's not a particularly elegant implementation, and I hope in future to provide some way of using interchangeable scripting languages and scripts (although you can specify in Preferences where to find Perl and Markdown, so you might specify your own scripting languages and script). The source bundle can be found on the right; packages are built for Ubuntu Intrepid and Hardy, and will follow for the RPM distros, Windows and perhaps the Mac.