Version released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2009-01-08 20:11

I've just put out a new minor release, version (note: version appeared briefly on Launchpad and then retracted, but the source tarball was never released as it would not compile on Qt 4.1). This version restores Qt 4.1 compatibility by removing references to widgets which are absent when that version of Qt is present, and also by fixing problems with compile-time isolators which blocked compilation. This enables packages to be released for Ubuntu Dapper; no other binaries will be released as Dapper is the only extant distro which has that version of Qt. Please note that, when Dapper reaches its end of life for the desktop in June, I intend to make Qt 4.2 a requirement.

You may download the source from the Downloads menu to the right, or else get the package through APT (see here for details).