Version 0.7.1 released (updated to

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2009-01-03 14:24

I have just released version 0.7.1 of QTM. This is a major bug fix release, prompted by bug reports on the SourceForge bug tracker. The bugs made QTM useless to anyone who had not upgraded from a previous release, because it checked for settings which old releases stored which were not there if you hadn't been using version 0.6 or earlier, and would not enable posting if they weren't found. Apologies.

Also, there is the ability to set the editing colours, background and foreground (font settings were already there). You can also set the preview and console colours. Full changelog here. You can download the source here; binaries for OpenSUSE and Fedora are building at OpenSUSE's build service as I write, and will be available for Ubuntu later today, I hope.

Update: I have just updated this to version, to incorporate a last-minute bug fix; please see here for details.