Final version 0.5.4 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sat, 2007-08-25 20:09

I've finally released version 0.5.4 nearly two months after I put out the first beta. The biggest new feature since 0.5.3 is file uploads. This is in response to a feature request from Günther in Austria, on Qt Apps. However, I've found its usefulness to be limited as some content management systems simply won't accept large file uploads from clients like QTM. My Movable Type 4 installation won't accept files in the 100-200Kb range, let alone converted RAWs from my Canon digital SLR. This release solves a few crashes that this feature introduced in the betas, particularly where large files are concerned.

There's also an auto-link system. This means you can highlight certain words or phrases, and (through the Insert/Link and Insert/Auto Link menu actions) set a particular web location to be associated with them. Then, next time you want to link that website, just type the text you typed the first time round, select Insert/Auto Link again, and it'll do the link for you.

Finally, there's a security change: it no longer displays your password in the console. This alone makes it a recommended upgrade.