Minor update:

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Thu, 2007-04-12 13:27

I have put out a minor bug-fix version of QTM. Version fixes two issues:

  • I have stopped using the macro QT_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT, which suppresses console output from Qt's qDebug command; I had been using it to suppress my own debug output also. This was preventing compiling on Debian Etch, which uses Qt 4.2.1 which fails to compile with this define; this was a Qt bug which was fixed in Qt 4.2.2. This bug has been reported to Debian.
  • I have added a duplicate of the file CatkinMainWindow.ui, called CatkinMainWindow41.ui, which removes 4.2-specific lines (which, in any case, only count on the Mac). This means that the same source bundle can be used on systems which still have Qt 4.1, such as SUSE Linux v10.1 and Ubuntu Dapper.

I intend to put out a Debian Etch binary fairly soon have put out a .deb binary for Debian Etch; previously existing binaries already work and will not change.