Version 0.5: release candidate

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Tue, 2007-03-20 00:15

I've put out a release candidate. Mac users will notice that the Quit action now actually works, whether selected from the system-tray icon or from the main QTM menu. I've added a few keyboard shortcuts (for the New, Open, Save and Preferences items in the File menu), removed the last references to Catkin QTM, and made sure that the console debug output (noticeable on Unix) is suppressed. I'm not sure if anything much will change before the final release; I intend to do quite a bit of testing over the next week or so just to check that the new features, especially, work as they are meant to.

Downloads (currently, SUSE 10.2 RPM and Mac OS X disc image) are available to the right, as ever.