QTM v0.5 released

Submitted by Matthew Smith on Sun, 2007-03-25 23:55

I've finally released version 0.5 of QTM. The biggest new feature, if you have used version 0.4 but not the beta or the release candidate, is Quickpost templates, which allow you to lay out a "form" post to use again and again, copying the relevant details (at the moment, the title and URL) automatically as and when you find material to post. I've also cleared up a lot of the bugs which were stopping the Quit action working (actually, I suspect that they are Qt bugs, as the situation was different on each platform). Now, if you select Quit from the system-tray icon menu, the Mac application menu or the File menu, it really does quit (as long as you've not got unsaved changes, of course). I've also removed references to the application's old name, Catkin QTM. While "catkin" remains the Sourceforge project ID, which cannot change, the app itself is now plain QTM.

Here are the other changes I've made in this release:

  • Feature: The ability to specify trackback pings for the blogging application to send out at publication time (since beta)
  • Improvement: The stripping of newlines from the titles of Quickposted pages (as some, not very well-designed, websites have such newlines in their page titles, for example the one on the Daily Telegraph website linked in this post on my personal blog, which inspired me to include this feature this morning
  • Bug fix: Debug output to the console is suppressed by default (it can be enabled at configure time, if a developer so chooses) (since RC1)
  • Bug fix: Memory leaks fixed, by deleting various dialogs when they are no longer required

Download links are at the right; please note that not all the binaries listed will be updated. I can only issue binaries for the systems I have access to. At the moment, this means SUSE 10.2 and 10.1, PcLinuxOS (the test version) and Mac OS X. I intend to get releases for those systems out in the next couple of days or so. There are a few screenshots at Sourceforge; these should be updated soon as well.

Update: Since making that release I've discovered a few problems with both the source bundle and the binaries. There was a typo which was causing the debug-related message boxes (listing the number of top-level widgets just before quitting) to appear, and it contained a call to set a property which was introduced in Qt 4.2, and thus broke compatibility with v4.1. The source RPM is 4.1-compatible, and the SUSE 10.1 binary is based on the same code; the .gz bundle requires v4.2, although this can be fixed by removing lines 215, 216 and 217 from CatkinMainWindow.ui. I intend to fix this in the next patch release. There was also a problem with the Mac Qt frameworks; I built new ones today and posted a new disc image based on them.